New Feature: Express Promotions

We are proud to introduce a new feature that will revolutionize the way to get your message in front of new fans.

In response to feedback from our users we have created a simplified way to find the right bands to promote with:

Express Promotions

What Will Express Promotions Do For You?

  • Speed: Express Promotions save you time by finding the best artists for you to promote with.

  • Accuracy: Express Promotions use our data to sift through artists and bands to find the best matches.

  • Simplicity: One button and you’re done. Click the Express Promotion button on your dashboard and let Headliner find you new fans.

Try an Express Promotion Now!

How Does it Work?

Express Promotions work by finding artists who are likely to enjoy your music and to pass your music on to their fans. The system works by sifting through bands based on genre, size, similarities of fan base and our acceptance data.

The new feature will allow bands and artists to spend more time making great music and less time finding new fans.

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