New Hypebot Article about

Back in April, music industry blog Hypebot did a brief profile on our site. Today, they wrote us up again, with blogger Hilke Ros sharing his personal experiences as a Headliner user. Ros called Headliner “a clever recommendation model to extend the fan reach of bands”. Although Ros gave Headliner a very positive review, he also offered a few pieces of constructive criticism about our site. The main issue Ros sees are:

1) The messages that bands send to other bands are not always appropriate for the receiving band to send out to their fans.


2) It can be difficult to find the right bands to promote with.

Luckily, we are hard at work on both of these issues. We are working on a ‘recommended artist’ system that should be completed soon, which will make it easier for users to find compatible artists to promote with.We always appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. If you have any ideas for our site email me at