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How to Create Promotions on Even Faster

Here at Headliner we have been hard at work on new features that make creating promotions easier. A few weeks ago we introduced the Express Promotion to streamline the process of promotion creation. Since then we have developed a new feature, “Select All” button, that should further simplify that process. The “Select All” button allows you to select every artist on a page in the Artist Discovery screen on Headliner. It is a very simple and intuitive feature, but if you create a lot of promotions it can save you a lot of time. Below is a screenshot with the “Select All” button highlighted in red.


The Select All Button

Myspace Adds Facebook Connect

Making Facebook easier to use isn’t one of Myspace’s priorities. Just a few years ago Myspace and Facebook were direct competitors, engaged in a battle for the top spot of social networkdom. Yesterday, the two giants called an uneasy truce when Myspace launched Facebook syncing, a new feature that allows users to post their Myspace status updates to Facebook (although not vice versa.)  Check out more info here..

Travie McCoy x Case Study

Travie McCoy has had a big year. Travie released his solo debut, Lazurus, and his single ‘Billionaire’ was a top 10 hit. We had the opportunity to work with Travie, promoting ‘Billionaire’ to music fans via our site. Here are some of the results from our campaign:

  • Travie reached over 5 million new fans.
  • Travie connected with over 9,000 artists to help promote “Billionaire” through recommendations.
  • 8,197 clicks of the “Billionaire” video on Youtube.
  • 2,454 visits to Travie’s official website
  • 6,420 clicks of a free download link for “Billionaire”
  • 22,000+ overall clicks.

Here’s what Fueled by Ramen’ senior director of new media Adam Samiljan  had to say about the campaign:   

“Headliner made it incredibly quick and easy for us to help Travie McCoy’s ‘Billionaire’ single reach over 5 million new fans. We got amazing results from the campaign…hits on the music video, music downloads and new followers on Twitter. Thank you!”

Does Work? Yes!

Nick Carter has been using Headliner for a couple of months now. Nick had one simple goal when we first started: Gain more Twitter followers, or as he told us “Dude I want to get to 100,000 Twitter followers. Can you help?”

We wanted to share the results of Nick’s campaign. Which we think are pretty awesome.

  • Nick ran 17 promotions on Headliner.
  • Nick reached 3,785,062 new fans on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.
  • His new fans visited 19,508 times through links via
  • Nick connected with 5,463 artists to promote his music.
  • Nick got over 20,000 new Twitter followers and reached his goal of breaking 100,000.
  • Nick had his promotion message retweeted 100’s of times reaching 100s of 1000s of additional fans.

To show some love we sent Nick this T-Shirt and asked him to send us back a pic with him wearing it
Check out the pic here:

5 Social Media Trends Artists Need to Understand

Social media is an important part of getting your band noticed and understanding social media is a must for aspiring artists. Hypebot has an article today, written by Johnathan Ostrow, about 5 social media trends artists need to understand. What are these important trends that neccistate awareness?

  1. Fan Funding Campaigns: Taking advantage of sites like Kickstarter to fund project with grass roots campaigns.
  2. Metrics: Using available tools, such as Artist Data or, to track the results of your online promotions so that you can make informed decisions.
  3. Social Currency: Trading free music for fan engagement.
  4. Geolocation Marketing: Targeting fans by region to make sure your music gets to the right people.
  5. Streaming Video: Taking advantage of video streaming sites to promote your music.

You can check out the full article here.