Facebook Ads Vs. Headliner.fm for Artists

Facebook ads Vs. Headliner.fm for Artists

I have sat through my fair share of website demos over the past few years and inevitably someone in the room will say  to the presenter “Yeah sounds great. Your site looks awesome, but can you please share some case studies and performance data with us.” If the presenter is prepared they have a few great case study slides that provide some general data that the product does indeed work as promised.

Personally if I’m the guy in the room that asked this questions and I get this type of response I say “thank you for sharing” but, internally I’m thinking “what a load of crap.” I feel a bit let down because the dude will not share his recipe or what makes the product work.

If a website has promise and gets me excited the next thing I want to know is the  “recipe” not to see how the food looks on the plate or hear that it tastes good.

I will post here as much as possible to share all our “recipes” at Headliner.fm so everyone can enjoy great promotions.

Comparison of Facebook ads Vs. Headliner

The set up:

Band name: 2DFRNT

Execution 1: Bought $127.00 worth of ads on Facebook (cpc ads)

Results:   Reached 727,000 new fans

Got 358 new fans to engage with their ad on Facebook

Execution 2 ran promotions on Headliner.fm spent $50.00 for  600,000 “band bucks”

Got 330,000 band bucks for signing up,

Earned 575,604 from accepting promotions

Results:  Reached 1,505,604 new fans on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace

Got 3580 new fans visit their Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages

Cost Reach Visits Connections
Facebook $127.00 739,499 358 0
Headliner.fm $50.00 1,505,604



Also, 2DRFNT could have spent less $$ by accepting more promotions from other artists, earning them Band Bucks which they could have used to reach new fans.

Please share your own results below.

I would like to see if you are seeing similar result.

Our goal is to provide simple, easy cost effective promotions for artists,bands, labels and managers.

More recipes to come .

Thanks for checking us out


4 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Vs. Headliner.fm for Artists

  1. Hw come he bought 600000 band bucks for $50. When on headliner.fm it pays $50 would buy u only 60000 worth of band buck.

    1. Hi Skar, Hope all is going well. You are correct that these figures are no longer 100% accurate. This post was written a while ago, during a period where Band Bucks on Headliner.fm were cheaper than they are today. Hope that clears things up, let me know if you have any further questions.


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