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Top Promotions From the Last Week

Over the past week thousands of artists have combined to reach 14 million music fans by using Headliner. Here is a look at some of the most successful promotions from the last seven days.

Top Promotions

  • H*Wood used Headliner to reach over 490,000 fans.
  • Sage N Sour used Headliner to reach over 120,000 fans
  • Digital Tour Bus used Headliner to reach over 107,000 fans.
  • Daniel Helms used Headliner to reach over 51,000 fans
  • 2Grown Kidz used Headliner to reach over 50,000 fans

Thanks to Everyone Who Listened to the NARM x Webinar

Today, CEO Mike More and CTO Bill Cromie gave a webinar through NARM. The Webinar went well and we are thankful for everyone who tuned in. Also, we would like to thank everyone at NARM especially Nicole Hennessey and Vinny Goffin. Article in The Youngstown Examiner

Last week The  Youngstown Local Music Examiner had a piece on by Michael Benich. In the article Benich describes his experiences using Headliner, and the strengths and weaknesses he saw in our platform. Say Benich “Headliner.FM can be an extremely helpful tool in promoting a single or a video. This type of marketing has true potential to go viral, especially when closely matched with an artist of a similar vision. For the savvy musician, Headliner.FM will be another great tool to be used in moderation, in conjunction with a strong social media presence.” Read the whole story here.

Remember to Listen to the x NARM Webinar Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Tuesday July 27th) we are hosting a webinar through NARM from 4-5pm EST. Topics covered will include several case studies, tips for successfully reaching new fans via real time messaging, how Headliner provides incentives for participation and what projects we are looking to work with labels on in the future. The webinar is free for NARM members. More info. Breaks 70 Million Fans

Last week Headliner passed 70 million fans. Activity on our site is at an all time high with almost 2 million music fans reached by messages through our system every day. It has been exciting to watch the site grow and so far the feedback we are getting from users has been extremely positive. We have a number of features in the works that will make Headliner even easier to use. Keep checking back here for updates.