Anatomy of a Successful Promotion

To help our users more effectively use Headliner, I thought I would take everyone through the steps of creating a successful promotion.

Step 1: Setting Goals- The first step towards creating a successful promotion is setting goals: How many people do I want this promotion to reach? Where do I want to drive traffic to? For this example I will set the number of fans I want to reach at 10,000. The average acceptance rate is around 15%; that means that to reach 10,000 fans in one shot, I will have to send my promotion to bands with a total fan base of approximately 70,000. For this promotion, I am going drive traffic to Myspace.

Crafting an a message/ setting a date

Step 2: Crafting a Promotion Message- The next step is intelligently crafting a promotion message. This is a message that will be sent out to the bands I select–with the hopes that those bands will pass on my message to their fans. Since I am asking band to send out the message for me, the message has to be written in the third person. For this example I am going to go with a message of “Listening to Bottle Service’s new song. Check it out.” I am also going embed a link to Myspace with Headliner’s URL shortener so that I can track the results of the promotion. Note: the URL must appear in both the shortener and the promotion message to be properly embedded.

Step 3: Scheduling- I want to give enough time for bands to see and respond to,my request. I am therefore going to schedule my promotion to go out 4-5 days in the future, so bands have a chance to accept it.

Properly Selecting Bands. Note the Filters on the Left

Step 4: Selecting Bands- Step three is properly choosing bands. Let’s say that in this example I am a rock band based in New York City. I select “Rock” in the Genre Options and Geo Target “New York City.” I am now looking exclusively at rock bands based in New York. Since I want to reach 10,000 fans, I am going to select enough bands so that I have a potential reach of around 70,000. That way, even if most of the bands reject my promotion, I will still reach 10,000+ fans. It is important to choose a bunch of smaller bands rather than one or two larger ones, since smaller bands are more likely to accept requests. I filter out all bands with over 5,000 fans. I now listen to the music of a bunch NYC based bands with less than 5,000 bands and select the ones I want to promote with. I select 27 bands with a potential reach of around 70,000.

Step 5: Send Out Your Promotion and Wait-I am now ready to send out my promotion. After my promotion goes out, I can keep checking on the stats as the accumulate in the “My Promotions” section.