Top 5 Most Successful Bands on Headliner this Month

This month, bands using Headliner have reached a combined total of about 1.5 million music fans every day. To show the success users are having on our system I thought I would put it into more human terms by creating a list of users who have had success this month. The list is based both on reach and on engagement of the fans reached.

1) Aron Lyrd-  Reached 893,524 Fans Using Headliner

2) Daniel Helms- Reached 773,123 Fans Using Headliner

3) Skyrocket Love- Reached 374,463 Fans Using Headliner

4) E: DJ Reached 221,313 Fans Using Headliner

5) Lights Over Paris-  Reached 173,929 Fans Using Headliner