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Les Savy Fav Score Deluxx Fluxx Arcade

Les Savy Fav are known for their rambunctious live show but their recorded music isn’t bad either.  Now, the New York based band is lending  that recorded music for an unconventional purpose, scoring an art exhibit. Records by the group will serve as the sound track for Deluxx Fluxx Arcade, an arcade themed installation by artist collective Faile.  The arcade, or artcade as I call it, features fully functional games with imagery created by Faile. Deluxx Fluxx Arcade will be open until May 27th at 158 Allen Street.  More on the story at Gothamist here.

New Headliner Features

Headliner has recently undergone several small, but important, updates. We are constantly working on our site to provide a better experience for our users, and in response to your feedback we have improved our email settings, analytics, and added a new way to change your profile picture. Changes are as follows:

Email Updates: You now have the ability to choose how many notifications you receive from Headliner. Emails come in one of three settings:
Real Time: Receive an update every time you receive a promotion request, or a promotion you have proposed is accepted.
Digest: Receive a summary email once per day.
None: Do not receive emails.

Analytics Updates:
Breakdown’s of Reach per Genre
Breakdown’s of Reach per Artist
For Subscription Accounts: See Clicks, Retweets, Likes and Comments

Set Profile Picture
You can now choose the profile picture that represents your Headliner account.
Click on the Account and toggle between pictures linked to your social networks to choose your new picture.

Thanks for using Headliner! Stay tuned for more improvements!

Headliner Article On Hypebot

Hypebot is one of the most influential music industry blogs. The site covers everything from innovative artistic choices to business mergers with an even keel and has built a solid reputation for doing so. Today Hypebot wrote a short feature on Headliner, calling us a “Worthy tool in the artist marketing tool box.” You can check the article out here.

NYC Venue Market Hotel Goes Non-Profit

Market Hotel is one of the most influential, and best, venues in New York’s burgeoning DIY scene, hosting acts such as Japanther and Sleigh Bells amongst thousands of others. The clandestine and cavernous Bushwick show space has operated in a legal grey area since it’s induction, unlicensed but never seriously threatened by law enforcement. However, earlier this month Market Hotel was shut down mid show by the NYPD. Now the venue hopes to remain in business by making that business a non profit. More info here.

Bent Fest In NYC This Weekend

When most people see the picture to the left they see a child’s toy, what circuit benders see is a potential musical instrument. Circuit bender’s reappropriate household items to create otherworldly sounds never intended by their manufacturers. This weekend a bevy of accomplished benders and novices alike will take part in the annual Bent Fest, a celebration of the art of circuit bending. The festival includes both workshops and concerts where artists perform using their homemade instruments. For a complete schedule and more info check out the Fest’s official website here.