Pat Methanys New Band

Jazz Guitarist Pat Methany has a new band, a new ROBOT band. Methany has built a sprawling mechanical mass of wires and instruments which he plans to use as the backing band for his next tour. Each robot has been programmed to play compositions written by Methany from his last album, Ochestrion. In effect the robots are extensions of Methany; programmed approximations of his own musical tastes. As kooky as this sounds Methany is not alone. This summer I watched Gamelatron, a robot programmed to perform an synthesis of traditional Javanese Gamela music and drum and bass. Seeing Gamelatron play live was incredible, mainly because of the exoticism of the whole affair. Still I have a hard time believing a bunch of robots could ever be as exciting as a real band for the duration of a long set. When I saw Gamelatron play it was as an opener, and I dont think I could be entertained by the novelty of what are essentially high tech player pianos for very long. Check out an article of Methany’s creation here. Click here for a more on Gamelatron.