Independent Music at the Grammys

In the minds of most music fans, the Grammys are synonymous with the televised award ceremony during which the flashiest awards are given. However, many awards including folk, classical and alternative don’t make it on TV. For the most part, the Grammys are a major label affair, but apparently last night independent acts did okay. Hypebot reports that this year independent acts won 56 out 110 awards. That number may be deceiving in that many “independent” acts are distributed by major labels. For example Taylor Swift’s Fearless was released on “independent” Big Machine and distributed by Universal. Alternative Album of the Year winner Phoenix’s Mozart Amadeus Phoenix was released on V2, whose parent company is also Universal. Among notable independents who took home Grammys: the David Byrne/ Brian Eno collabo Everything That Happens Will Happen Today won Best Recording Package.