Grammy Awards Are Tonight

Break out the ostentatious outfits because it’s that time of year again. Tonight is the music industry’s annual self-aggrandizement party which celebrates the most commercially successful artists by branding them as the year’s “Best.” This year, the Black Eyed Peas’ saccharine “I’ve Got a Feeling” and Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with me” both garnered nominations for “Record of the Year,”–a thought many music lovers might find hard to swallow. But the Grammy Awards aren’t only about handing out prizes to undeserving nominees; they are also about spectacle, and the ceremony tonight has what seems like an amazing one on the card. Tonight the organizers have planned a 3-D tribute to Michael Jackson that definitely sounds worth watching. Love them or hate them, the awards ceremony always provide memorable moments. The Village Voice is doing a live blog of the festivities, so check that out here.