Hipster Runoff Poised For Shark Jump/ Elevation of Personal Brand

Hipster Runoff is a satirical music/music industry blog by semi-anonymous blogger Carles which simultaneously lambasts and promotes hipster music and culture. Lately Carles’ blog has garnered a lot of attention for trolling various media outlets. But will all this added attention undercut Hipster Runoff’s credibility with Alt Bros everywhere or instead elevate him to Dov Charney levels of tastemaker/ product synergy?

Here is a timeline of the recent Hipster Runoff Blog fervor in the mainstream press:

December 10th: Carles advocates a retroactive version of creative commons after he is caught stealing photographs from freelance photographer Kyle Dean Reinford . After a heated email exchange, he tells Reinford “Hey Bro, I think it is better for the scene if I leave the pix up. Let me know if you disagree.”

Decemeber 31st: Gawker crowns Carles hipster of the decade, speculates on his identity.

Also December 31st: Ben Sisario writes an article about Carles’ genre T-shirt exposing Hipster Runoff to the undigital writing/reading demographic for the first time. A previous ‘is he or isn’t he serious?’ post by Carles satirized print journalism, “Newspapers were created to be recycled. I’m not an environmentalist, but it seems like a big waste of time+paper+people standing at corners selling newspapers and making u feel sad inside that they are only making like $20-50 per day. Sort of wish all newspapers would ‘go online’ and stop their paper-based operations.”

January 1st: Gawker writes self referential blog post about the Ben Sisario story and its cultural relevance.

All the added media coverage could derail Carles’ momentum with his hard core fanbase ala when Stuff White People Like came out with a book and stopped being cool. Is Carles becoming part of the establishment? Can a blog for the sole purpose of  making fun of other blogs exist after it becomes one of the biggest music blogs?