The Power of a Vocal Minority

Most fans are content to download songs online, buy CDs or vinyl, and go to the occasional concert. Some fans, like this guy with a Wutang Clan tattoo, go the extra mile for the bands they love.  Call them superfans, obsessives, or fanboys, “Extreme Fans” have been jamming radio request lines for decades and skewing poll results since the internet’s creation. But how many extreme fans are there, really? That was the question that Kelly Research attempted to answer with a new survey. According to the results, 96% of people are passive fans who listen to music but spend little time actively participating in the music sphere. Appealing to extreme fans gives artists the ability to survive difficult periods;  extreme fans are more likely to stick with a band whether they have a single on the radio, a contract, a gig, or none of the above.  Still bands that want to break out of their niche still need to entertain the 96% of people who are not tastemakers. Maybe this wasn’t the most illuminating study, but it is interesting to see the statistical breakdown of people in terms of participation. Check it out here.