Grassroots Campaign Defeats Industry Giants

Tools to market a song or an artist are becoming increasingly accessible to the average person. No example makes this trend more evident than the holiday victory scored by Rage Against the Machine’s single “Killing in The Name” over crooner Joe McElderry’s “The Climb” in the battle for UK Christmas Single of the Year. The campaign to drive the 1992 Rage single to the top was put in motion by Jon and Tracey Morter, a couple unaffiliated with Rage, but fed up with manufactured pop domination. To win, the Morters created a Facebook-centered attack that went viral, much to the chagrin of UK super-producer Simon Cowell who had helped Joe McElderry craft the eventually 2nd place single. That a previously unknown British couple was able to drive an 18 year old single to the top of a Christmas chart indicates how egalitarian marketing tools have become.