Blazetrak: Getting You Access?

We may be in the worst economic recession since the great depression, but that certainly hasn’t stopped a plethora of music industry entrepreneurs from starting new companies. Blazetrak is a new business that gives access to music industry stalwarts in exchange for cold hard cash. Amongst the insiders involved are Big Boi of Outkast and John Rich of Big and Rich. Seems a little crass to me, but then again who knows? Maybe it makes sense for aspiring studio musicians to pay successful producers to listen to them audition.

One thought on “Blazetrak: Getting You Access?

  1. I think this is an excellent idea considering the fact that you pay $1000’s of dollars to attend conferences and seminars on “how to make it”. This is just a shot in the arm to get a response directly from the person of your choice. It’s no different from you paying an attorney or physician to “give you advice” based on their level of understanding and profession. What’s even more interesting about this is the pros on Blazetrak are not “charging for advice”. They are charging for you to audition for an opportunity. Look at it this way. When you applied to go to college, you paid an application fee. The only thing you received was a letter of acceptance or rejection. Imagine if you could apply for college through the Blazetrak system and get a video response directly from the Director of Admissions explaining why you were excepted or rejected? This is what you are paying for. You are paying for the “professional” to spend time responding to you. Besides, I would easily pay Donald Trump to review my business plan and consider my idea for an investment, especially if I received a video response DIRECTLY from Donald himself. You are fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

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