Last.FM Chart Shows Habits of NYC Listeners Vs. Listeners of the World

New Yorkers like to believe they are more cultured than the average American. Taste is subjective, but what isn’t subjective is the fact that New Yorkers have disparate listening habits in comparison to listeners in the rest of the world. published a chart today graphing the listening habits of New Yorkers vs. the rest of the world, and the results confirm what everyone already knew. What’s hot on the streets of New York these days? Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear and French rockers Phoenix scored big points with New Yorkers for their albums this year. Worldwide, British prog rockers Muse tore up the scene after the release of their album Resistance. Despite Girl’s NYC popularity, and a swooning endorsement from indie tastemakers at Pitchfork, the California based rockers have only sold 26k of their latest album. I guess making it here doesn’t mean you can make it anywhere.