Imeem to Indie Artists: Happy Holidays Suckas


It is almost Christmas time, but this holiday season indie artists, who used imeem’s now defunct Snocap storefront to sell their wares, should expect no more than lumps of coal. When Myspace bought Imeem, Myspace assumed control of choice assets and none of Imeem’s debt. Thousands of independent artists who used Imeem’s Snocap storefront to sell their tracks online may now never receive payments. Snocap’s terms of service mandate that the bands must be paid every month they are owed more than $20, but due to Imeem’s financial troubles prior to the merger, some artists have not been paid for over a year. Most of the indie artists who used Imeem are not owed more than a couple hundred dollars, but for struggling artists Imeem’s missed payments could have made a tangible difference financially. Though certainly legal, the Myspace’s purchase of Imeem, and the repercussions of said purchase, occupy a gray area morally with indie artists suffering in the end. Merry Christmas?