Incompetent Accounting For The Digital Age

Like most bands on majors Too Much Joy never recouped the advances invested in them by their label. Unlike most bands one of Too Much Joy’s members, Tim Quirk, works for a digital music service and is business savvy enough to track the sales Too Much Joy have made on the internet. What he found was rather astonishing: Too Much Joy were not even receiving royalties from Warner for sales of their album online until prodded. After being bothered Warner finally paid up except what they paid was about $10,000 less than Too Much Joy owed, a paltry sum of 62 bucks. According to Quirk when he questioned a Warner music employee about the companies dishonest accounting practices he was informed “Too Much Joy never earned us shit!,” as if a band’s lack of profitability makes their contract unimportant. For the full spiel click here.