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Happy New Year from Headliner.FM!

A Week In The Life of A Tour Manager

David Scheid is the tour manager for big time alt rock groups like Dinosaur JR, and Broken Social Scene. Check out this article in the New York Times where Scheid details the day-to-day events involved in running a successful tour. What does being a tour manager involve? Mostly a lot of flying and fixing problems. In the article, Scheid reveals that he took 170 flights over the course of the last year, including a trip across Europe to retrieve a forgotten passport. Check it out here.

Delays Continue for Qtrax

Qtrax is a company which offers free downloads to consumers while profiting by selling advertising. At least that is hypothetically what Qtrax does, right now it seems Qtrax does not do much of anything. After a planned roll out of the Qtrax service for Asian/ Pacific countries was pushed back indefinitely Qtrax’s planned December 24th press conference was also canceled. Qtrax now plans to roll out their service in January, but with a Spotify US release on the horizon Qtrax will have difficulty maintaining the confidence of major label executives in the neccesity of giving away their music for free. Although digital downloading continues its torrid pace it seems like labels owners are still not ready to compromise with digital distributors on a price per track that would enable an ad supported free legal download website to survive. For more statements from Qtrax click here.

ECM Article in The New York Times

The New York Times has an article out today about pioneering German Jazz and classical label ECM. ECM, which stands for Edition of Contemporary Music, was founded in 1969 and featured early releases by avant garde Jazz artists including Keith Jarrett. As the label matured, its roster grew to include international Jazz notables like Pat Methany and Chick Corea. ECM was notable for its approach towards the music business; it gave artists incredible creative freedom, and also took the aesthetics of packaging very seriously. Check out the article here.

Droid Applications Poised for 2010 Push

An iPhone would have been an awesome Christmas gift this year, but the grinches at Droid are trying their hardest to steal Apple’s whole steez by offering a competing product and application platform. A new survey by Comscor predicts a coming explosion in Droid purchases. According to the survey, 17% of consumers who are in the market for a smart phone plan to purchase a droid. This gives Droid 3% less than the 20% of consumers who plan to buy an iPhone. Artist iPhone applications are all the rage right now, but 2010 could see a handful of savy artists profit by releasing Droid apps.