Vinyls Resurgence Continuing: David Sedaris to Release Next Album on Vinyl

David Sedaris\'s new audio book

Vinyl is like Clint Eastwood’s character in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: discarded and left for dead only to make a surprising return. These days vinyl is enjoying a surprising renaissance as CDs, the format that replaced vinyl, are in their death throes. Last year vinyl sales accounted for $57 Million in music sales; higher than any year since 1990.  In a surprising twist of events noted humorist David Sedaris announced that his next audio book will be released on vinyl, something virtually unheard of. The New York Times has an interesting article about the whole affair here. As digital downloading continues its inevitable proliferation, it makes increasing sense for bands to offer tracks for next to nothing digitally, and sell albums on tour. IPods have effectively made the CD obsolete while its unique heft, sound, and aesthetic have given vinyl a shelf life few had predicted.