Jerking Article in New York Times:

Julian Goins of the Ranger$ demonstrates Jerking

Jerking is a Hip-Hop dance style originating in Los Angeles. Thanks to the internet, flashy dance steps, and the tendency of major labels to parasitically attach themselves to youth movements, Jerking has gone mainstream. Earlier this year, rap group New Boyz sold over 750,000 downloads of the Jerking themed single “You’re a Jerk” on Asylum. Despite what participants may fervently claim, Jerking is more an entertaining fad than the cultural zeitgeist the Times’ article suggests. Still, before Jerking becomes as loathed as Ed Hardy shirts and Hammer pants, check out the sick dance moves that started it all: Ranger$: Jerkin’ in Jerkville

The Jerking phenomenon offers an interesting case study about a trend that quickly went viral, and a lot can be learned from Jerkings’ ascension. With distinctive fashions, sounds, slang and moves, Jerking had everything it takes to get the internet going nuts.