Chicago Baby Band Raises $10,000 in 48 Hours

Lifetime free passes

Raising $10,000 in 48 hours would be a daunting task for a small business owner in any industry. When that small business is your unsigned band and that industry is the music business 2009, chances just went from slim to slimmer. Enter Chicago video game rock band I Fight Dragons who beat the odds by offering a limited supply of lifetime memberships at $100 a pop. Members of this exclusive club will receive free entrance to any I Fight Dragons concert, and all of I Fight Dragons music for free. Lead singer Brian Mazzaferri speculates that the promotion’s success was due to the offers’ unlimited potential and to the grass roots support the band had built by giving away music digitally through a fans’ list. It all raises a good question: how are I Fight Dragons going to get 100 lifetime members on every guest list if they all decide to show up at the same time?

Mazzaferri writes about his experience here,, but leaves that question unanswered.