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11 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

11 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

CoPromote is a great way to get your music out to more people and help you discover new audiences. But your music promotion efforts shouldn’t stop there. Here are eleven ways to promote your music online.

1.) Lock up a domain and set up your website. However you brand yourself, you’ll want control over a domain name that matches your brand. Even if most of your interactions with fans happens through social media, your website is the first place people will look for dates and locations you’ll be playing and news about you or your band. It’s also a place where you can advertise or sell your shirts, hats, vinyl, etc.

2.) Add a blog to that website. Keep your fans interested by blogging about news and events around your music. Immersing your audience in your story is a great way to build loyalty and real fan affection.

3.) Consider doing a newsletter. Now that you’ve set up a website and a blog, take full advantage and collect email addresses from visitors who are interested in subscribing to your newsletter. Email newsletters are a great way to drive fans back to your site, move merchandise, and announce events. 

4.) Don’t neglect the industry. Document your gigs, important dates, and news on your website. Showcase any press you receive. Not only is this information great for fans, it’s also great for people in the industry. Documenting every milestone will be helpful when you set up your Electronic Press Kit.

5.) Make sure that every gig you do is captured through photos and videos. Having a ton of content to unleash makes it really easy to promote on social media. It’s also helpful to have on hand for your press kit and website. We live in a content-driven world, so think about having someone accompany you for the sole purpose of documenting.

6.) Use social media. This may seem obvious, but having a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram in really important. Know the strengths of each. Twitter is great for sharing updates, Facebook excels at building community, Instagram is the popular way to share photos. Try to build your brand through these networks by using consistent usernames, photos, and colors when possible. Don’t just stick with the mainstream either. You can have a lot of success on apps that trend younger, like Snapchat and TikTok.

7.) Set up a YouTube channel. YouTube is extremely popular and the ideal (plus free) place to host your videos. Fans who want to see your videos expect to find them there. Take advantage of its social networking to form connections with other musicians who have a following.  As your subscriber base grows, you’ll know that your content is reaching more people. 

8.) Have a SoundCloud presence. SoundCloud is like social media for music consumers and music makers. Tracks you upload are exposed to a large community of listeners, allow you to build up interest and followers. Be sure to read our tips on setting up your SoundCloud profile.

9.) Get set up on ReverbNation. Similar to SoundCloud, ReverbNation is a great place to include your profile and upload your music for listeners, labels, and musicians to discover. The site also offers services that can help you get radio play, internships, and access to labels looking for new artists.

10.) Sell on BandCamp. BandCamp gives your fans a way to support  your music while giving you the opportunity to be discovered by new fans. Just upload your album art and tracks, set a price, and fans can buy your music. As an added bonus, you can sell your merchandise there, too. 

11.) Content Sharing. Definitely don’t forget about posting your music on content sharing sites like CoPromote. Content sharing allows people who like your music to share it with their own followers or audiences. It's an effective way to market without breaking the bank. You can sign up here.



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