Featured CoPromoter: Social Media Guru Cara Parish

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Marketing itself is an art form that requires skill and dedication for success. Cara Parish is an example of an influencer who creates great business content and shares her knowledge of social media on her blog. We got in touch with Cara to discuss her blog, marketing, and her advice on how to promote your content.

1. What kind of creator are you?

I’m more of a strategist than a creator. I’m an International Marketing Consultant. I help creators get their content seen and heard by the people who need and want it the most. With my work my clients develop relationships with their consumers to foster brand loyalty.

2. How did you get interested in social media?

I’ve always been a nerd for the internet. Not to show off that I’m becoming an old millennial but my Xanga was viral. Haha. I grew up in a very small town and social media connected me to the world. I made friends on the internet in Asia, California, Canada etc. For a girl growing up in a West Virginia, with 30 kids in her graduating class that was something my parents couldn’t fathom.

3. What do you use CoPromote for?

I use CoPromote to find great content to share and to help my content be shared. While so much of our social media space is over ran with click bait and like farms, it’s so nice to find a community of real people sharing real content who are there to help one another get their voices heard.

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4. How big do you think cross promotion is in marketing?

Marketing at it’s very definition is promoting. Building a team of cross promoters to share your content is like having a small team of marketers with a loyalty to your content because you’ve helped them promote their content as well. So, to make it short, I think it’s invaluable.

5. What are some tips you can give to people trying to market their content on social media?

Do what your consumers want not what is trendy. Don’t post articles because that’s what your competitors are doing. Include diverse media in your tweets as often as possible either video (native uploaded from the app or via vine) or photos. I see so many people drown in the flood that is social media because they’re trying to be like the popular pages. The thing is if you want to be the popular page you have to be unique. What is your unique value proposition to your followers? What does your brand sound like and what is it here to say? Figure that out and then have fun with it.


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CoPromote Community Guidelines


CoPromote was built for creators by creators. Before you share via CoPromote ask yourself if your content is: informative, inspiring, entertaining, visually appealing, or compelling, and well-presented.

We are all on social media to promote our creations – a song, a blogpost, a book. Just as you wouldn’t ask someone to follow you without giving them a reason, don’t simply tell people to listen to your song, or read your blogpost – show them why and give them a reason to share it.
Remember: you are asking for space on someone’s timeline, where they engage with their friends and followers, manage their reputations, and grow their brands or businesses. Make your request worth their generosity and you will succeed – not just on CoPromote but in social media as well. Not sure if your content is a good fit? Check out our Featured CoPromoters and see how they’re doing it right. Or just reach out and we’ll gladly check for you.

Content You Can Share on CoPromote

  • Music – songs, mixes, demos
  • Podcasts: talk shows, spoken word
  • Photos, Videos, and Animation – art, humor/pranks, How-To, DIY, beauty, fashion, Vines, GIFs, graphic design, illustrations
  • Books: Novels, Short stories, self-published fiction, comics and graphic novels, essays, blog posts, critical reviews, think pieces
  • Causes: information about charities, non-profits, NGOs, crowd-funding, social awareness
  • Health & Well-being: training tips, lifestyle coaching, diet/cooking tips, psychological services
  • Entertainment or educational websites
  • Apps and Games
  • News, Finance, and Politics

Content You Should Not Share on CoPromote:

  • Spam, phishing, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, get rich quick offers
  • Direct or affiliate sales, sales landing pages
  • Selling guaranteed/fake followers
  • Diet pills, male enhancement and other questionable health products
  • Content that promotes hate, violence, or discrimination
  • Black hat content that is loaded with SEO keywords and aimed at search engines and not human readers
  • Content from bots, or accounts with excessive fake followers or low engagement
  • Adult/NSWF/XXX content (CoPromote is open to everyone over 13.)
  • Illegal activity
  • Content deemed inappropriate by the CoPromote staff or community

Questions? Get in touch with Jorge, Moha, & the team: community@copromote.com


Product Update: Tumblr Picker

Great news Tumblr fans: if you have more than one Tumblr, CoPromote has added a page picker to make it easier for you to switch between your accounts.

Here’s an example. Let us know if you have any questions.

Featured CoPromoter: DIY Queen A Domestic Wildflower

CoPromote is not only a great platform to showcase your content, but also HOW you create it. People are always inquisitive on how something was made, and how they can recreate it using their own hands. Jenny from A Domestic Wildflower is an expert at DIY and showcasing her talents in a multitude of areas. Her blog takes a unique spin on regular tutorials as she introduces a lot of rural and vintage techniques to her projects. Check out the chat we had with Jenny below to get inspired and start your own project!
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1. What kind of creator are you?
I’m a blogger sharing sewing, canning, mending, crafting, DIY, and other agrarian and rural living type tutorials and recipes geared towards readers who like doing things better, the old fashioned way. Sewing is my first love, and canning is my newest, spurred by the desire to cook really great food easily for my family.
2. How does your blog differ from all the other lifestyle blogs on the internet?
My blog is different than others in the sewing/craft/DIY arena because I focus on doing things the way our grand and great grandmothers would have done them. My grandmother wouldn’t rush to the sewing store for every project and buy all new fabric and notions. She’d use a salvaged zipper from a thoroughly worn out pair of jeans and use up the last bit of fabric from the last sewing task. That’s the kind of projects I love and want to share with others.
3. Why do you use CoPromote?
I use CoPromote because it shares the projects and posts that I love with those who seem to dig them too!
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4. Favorite blog post you’ve written?
My favorite lately was my post on Tips for Purchasing a Vintage Typewriter.
It was so fun to research, it drove me to meet an awesome gentleman who refurbishes typewriters at www.selectric.com and now I have a super sweet vintage Smith-Corona to type on!
5. What do you see for your blog in the future?
I see my blog growing in followers, thanks to CoPromote, Pinterest and Instagram (follow me there too! https://www.pinterest.com/jennygomes/ and https://instagram.com/adomesticwildflower/ , and I see my blog sharing awesome sewing, canning, crafting and making do tips and tutorials on my blog and on YouTube, Periscope and perhaps in book form.
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